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    Saturday, February 26th, 2005
    1:20 am
    im back
    hey all im back from my week in new zealand. it was the first time i have ever been overseas and it was quite a tits week. me and gonzo stayed at the mercure resort in queenstown, and we spent the week mostly relaxing, which was nice to get away for a change, espescially since we are now back at uni!

    the coolest thing we did was the jetboats, them things are insane. they can 360 on the spot while travelling at speed, and need only 10 cm of water to ride in. right on!!
    i went for a ride in a helicopter, which was something i had never done before, so that was sweet.

    we got drunk a few times, which is nothing unusual. i tried many local nz beers, and thought the monteith original was the best. (none can compare to a nice cool tooheys new tho)

    but uni is back now, which sux ass. this is my 3rd and (hopefully) last year of my BA degree.

    after that, who knows what ill be doing.....

    Current Mood: painting all day,then work
    Monday, February 7th, 2005
    1:51 pm
    boredom sets in
    hey all. whats doing? i was just trying to link this blog to the technorati page, and i have no idea if it worked or not. one of my mates gave me all of these pages and told me to join them all, and i dont know what half of them do, but oh well, shit happens.

    i just went and got a haircut, i hadnt had a haircut for about 2 and a half months
    it wasnt too long tho, i just needed a trim. the last time i got a haircut was in november last year, but the last time before that was november 2002. i didnt have a haircut for like 2 years, and it was fair long (classic bachelor of arts uni bludger style) but it was getting way too long and it was annoying and hot, so i thought, screw this and got it all cut off. i kept the cut off ponytail and am gonna hang it on my wall one day.

    i got ma haircut cos uni starts up in a couple of weeks, so i figured i should look kinda respectable. plus im goin to newzealand next week with my mate gonzo. he won the trip by going on wheel of fortune (i went up and hung in the audience, it was a top night), and he asked me if i wanted to go, so i sed shit yeah. and we are finally going after waiting like 4 months. it should be a tits week.

    anyway im going now. catch ya all later.

    from muzz

    Current Mood: mix tween bored and interested
    1:40 pm
    1:56 am
    howdy howdy howdy
    Hey everyone, i figured since this is my first entry i should introduce myself.

    i am 20 years old and i go to uni, but i have been off uni on holidays for a couple of months now, and it goes back at the end of this month, which im not really looking forward to. damn uni!

    i should prolly tell u all some of my interests. i like music, i have an electric, and an accoustic, guitar and i love playing them, it relaxes me. i play guitar most days, and my dream is to one day form the greatest band that has ever lived.....that would be tits. i also have a keyboard, a couple of harmonicas, and a ukelele. hehehe ukeleles are funny, ppl tell u that they are gay and you look stupid when u play them, but as soon as u stop they want a go themselves.

    i like heaps of different types of music, i am pretty eclectic. most of my favourite bands are old school bands like the beatles, led zeppelin, pink floyd. i think neil young is king.i like a lot of old blues guys like bb king, bo diddley, muddy waters, etc. i think the coolest sound u can make is just a guitar, a blues harp and a guy singing. newer stuff i like is also a bit "old" for these days. i like early 90's stuff, jeff buckley was great, nirvana, rhcp, the presidents were cool, cake is one of my favourites. but my all time favourite band is pearl jam.

    anyway,i digress. i like movies. i watch heaps of movies. i stay up pretty late everynight, so i usually watch a movie, cos there is never anything on tv. my favourites would have to be reservoir dogs, indiana jones, anything with mel gibson (eg, lethal weapon, braveheart, the patriot, etc), but my favourite childhood movie was wizard of oz. my aunty got it for me on dvd for my bday as a joke, but it is actually fair cool, it has a shitload of interesting extras. and the film still holds up for a movie over 65 years old!

    i like to hang with my mates, and get pissed with them. most of my fondest memories have been formed in an alcoholic haze, and they are numerous, often hilarious, but i might tell some of them later on.

    anyway, that is me, in short. i hope to hear from you all soon, and learn about some new people.

    cya all around, from muzz.

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